How to give away free CBD!

Have your customers Try It before they Buy It.

We know that at least 7 out of 10 customers who try our products buy again. So you do the math, if you can give CBD away, imagine the lives you can help and the money you can make doing it! Once your customers try it...they will buy it! To learn more about how it works watch the video below or view the power point instructions.


Here is how it works:

1- You create a deeplink and send people to this hidden web page on our website:

2- They choose Option 1 or Option 2

Option 1: 

750mg 5ml bottle, 500mg Pain Relief Balm & All-Natural Anti Aging Cream

Option 2: 

1000mg 5ml bottle, 500mg Pain Relief Balm & All-Natural Anti Aging Cream


3 - They enter their information, receive free products and only pay for shipping and handling.

4 - We follow up a few days later with a special offer for them to buy. (You can also track the customer via your dashboard if they follow your deeplink.)

5 - They fall in love with one, two or all three products and come back to buy more from you!