What Types of Marketing Materials and Support is Available?

At CBD BioCare we pride ourselves in being different than any other affiliate marketing company offering CBD in the marketplace. We offer tons of free tools, along with some paid, so you can be set up to succeed.

Every morning at 8am you will receive an email to with the day's suggested social posts. This is our way of taking the guesswork out of marketing. We want you to focus on building relationships so we provide the script, videos and images to help spark interest. The rest is up to you.

You can also find marketing materials including CBD BioCare logos, royalty free, approved images, additional social media videos, brochures, apparel and so much more via your back office dashboard.

How to access your dashboard:

  1. Login (upper right hand corner of the home page)
  2. Once in your dashboard click GETTING STARTED.
  4. You will also notice there is a link to the Sales Rep Store. This is where you can buy CBD BioCare support materials and apparel.


At CBD BioCare we also offer training every Thursday at 3pm EST with one of the companies CEO's, Matthew Pitts. Look for your weekly email to register and join. We also go live every Monday at 9am EST in our private Facebook Group for Sales Rep's Only.