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How do I renew my Landing Page?

Renew via the Sales Rep Store

Landing Page Renewal

Your landing page is active for one year. Each year you will be charged $49.99 to renew your landing page.

Prior to your annual landing page renewal date, you will receive a series of 2 emails asking you if you would like to renew your page. If you do not respond to any of these emails, a third email will be sent confirming your landing page deactivation.

Instructions to Renew Your Landing Page:

Option 1:

You can renew your landing page by purchasing a "landing page renewal" within your CBD BioCare Sales Rep Store.

If you have trouble following the above link to the store, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your dashboard and select the "Getting Started" tab on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Under the drop-down, select "Sales Marketing Tools".
  3. Then select "Sales Rep Store". You will then be re-directed to the exclusive Sales Rep Store where you can purchase your landing page renewal

Option 2:

Reply to any of the 2 deactivation warning emails that are sent to you prior to your annual renewal date. Let us know that you are wanting to renew and we will follow up with further instructions and confirm that your landing page is renewed.  

Contact Customer Service:

If you are experiencing issues trying to renew your landing page, contact our Sales Rep customer service team and we can do it for you. Send us and email or call our office directly to let us know that you are wanting to renew your landing page. 

Email: salesrep@cbdbiocare.com

Phone: (727) 205-1638