How does the Sales Rep Marketing Challenge work?

The CBD BioCare Sales Rep Marketing Challenge is designed to help you drive sales through digital marketing. We give you all the content you need to convert your leads into sales!


We send an email out every morning at 8am with the topic for the day's post. Go to your dashboard to download the image, video and post.


Watch this quick step by step video for a quick tutorial.


1. Login to your dashboard.

2. Find that month's Marketing Challenge Folder under the GETTING STARTED TAB on the left menu bar. Find the SALES MARKETING TOOLS link and then select the MARKETING CHALLENGE button. Once you click on the button you will see folders for each day. Inside the folders you will find scripting, videos and images to use for each day.

3. You will want to make sure to include deep links to ensure you get credit for any sale. It’s super easy. Click here to watch the video on how to create deep links.

4. If there are multiple posts, post #1 should be posted in the morning after 8am and post #2 in the afternoon or evening before 8pm.