How do I re-engage with CBD BioCare?

If you have not been active in some time or you just need to be reminded about the steps to engage, read this:

I am ready!

If you are ready to get started but you are not sure where to begin, you are in the right spot!


"Life can be busy and we get, we provide everything you need to get started and we continue to support you as you grow your business." Stacey Pitts /CO-Founder CBD BioCare.

Let's start from the beginning.

Step #1: The first thing you want to do is go to our website and login to your dashboard. Your dashboard is where you will manage your CBD BioCare business. This includes sales, marketing and promotions.

Login from the upper right hand corner of our website,, seen here.

After selecting Login you will see this screen, select Login as a Sales Rep if you have an account.

Once you select Login as a Sales Rep you will see this below. Your username is the email you used to register. You will then be sent an email to reset your password. You are actually just setting up your email but this is the process to make that happen. Once you are set up you are in your dashboard and ready to get started and you can follow the steps below.

Getting Started with CBD BioCare:

Welcome to the first steps as a sales representative. Upon registration you received an email with the following information.

  • Your free tracking link.
  • Instructions to create a password and login to your new sales rep dashboard.

First: Engage

The first step is to Engage. That means, login and learn your dashboard, open your emails from us and watch the first steps videos so you can understand what is available, more about who we are and what we offer.

Note: These videos are in the Video Library on your dashboard under the Sales Marketing Tab.

First Step Videos:

Welcome to CBD BioCare

Understanding your Dashboard

Free CBD Program

Second: Connect

Connect with the greater CBD BioCare community by joining our private Facebook Sales Rep Group. This group is for sales rep's only and it is how we first communicate. That means you will be the first to hear about sales, promotions and tools that benefit your business. At times we even offer 50% off discounts just for you! Plus, this is also where you can connect with thousands of other CBD BioCare sales reps. It's a great community of support for asking questions and learning about what works. Great ideas are shared here.

Connect Now: CBD BioCare Sales Representatives on Facebook

Click and Like these pages to stay connected:

CBD BioCare Facebook Page

CBD BioCare Instagram

CBD BioCare You Tube

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I am so excited to tell you about my new business venture. I’m now working with CBD BioCare offering full spectrum CBD products for pain, stress, anxiety, sleep and so much more! The quality is amazing and I can’t wait to share more. Message me and I can share my link if you want to try it. I even have free samples!

Third: Learn

We provide educational tools to help you LEARN about our CBD, our products and our platform. You can find videos and articles under the LEARN tab on our website that will help explain how CBD is helping people with a number of common ailments and conditions.

You can also access videos to further explain CBD and what we offer from your dashboard. Below are the first videos we recommend that you watch. You can also find these videos and more on your dashboard in the Video Library under the Sales Marketing Tools Tab. This information should be easy to find, especially if you watched the Understanding your Dashboard video above.

What is CBD?

6 reasons to choose CBD BioCare

What is the ECS?

Let's go to the hemp farm

Can I fail a drug test?


And finally, we want you to EARN as you help people learn to use CBD. We offer the most comprehensive commission plan in the marketplace designed to maximize your earning potential. We have many six figure earners, we hope you are next. As a refresher, here is a quick link to our commission 101 video.

Watch Commission 101


If you read this document you will notice a common theme, your dashboard hosts a ton of invaluable resources to help you manage, track, build and market your CBD BioCare business. If you only watch one video, please watch Understanding your Dashboard. Sales Rep's who find the greatest success with our company follow the steps and ENGAGE, CONNECT, LEARN AND EARN. Best of luck and remember, we are here for you.