How do I get started?

Not that I am a sales rep what do I do next?

First of all, Congratulations for taking the first step to changing your life and the people you are getting ready to help with CBD BioCare. Here is a first steps checklist.

  1. Created a customer and sales rep account?
  2. Logged in to my dashboard?
  3. Set up my dashboard?
  4. Set up my landing page?
  5. Purchased a registration package or sample kit from my sales rep store so that I can sample products before selling?
  6. Connected with the Private CBD BioCare Sales Rep Page and other social media channels?
  7. I have read the website information, especially CBD 101 and I understand what CBD BioCare has to offer and what makes CBD BioCare different.
  8. I have my virtual office set up and ready to go?
  9. I have social media pages that I can begin promoting my new CBD business?
  10. I have explored my dashboard and I know where to go to get my questions answered: CBD BioCare Help Center.

If you answered YES to all of these questions then you are ready to start sharing!

First, make sure you are receiving our emails because we send out an email every morning at 8am with the days social or email topics for sharing. All you have to do is go to your dashboard and follow these steps: CBD BioCare Daily Marketing Challenge.

When people engage with your post, you will want to connect and educate. Many people are looking to learn before they buy. If you inform and educate and begin to build a relationship you will begin to earn sales. Some happen right away and others take time to nurture.

It is also important to connect with the CBD BioCare community. Every Monday morning at 9am we have a live meeting in our private Facebook group referenced in #6 above. This is our weekly meeting. In addition, as of July 30th 2020 we have weekly Zoom video calls with one of the owners for sales training. This information will be emailed and can be found on the Facebook page in order to register. This sales training is free.

You can also email