Do I need social media to be a sales rep?

No, you do not need social media to be a sales representative. However, it does make life as a sales rep a bit easier. We would suggest opening an account with Facebook, Instagram or both to begin. Name your page with something that identifies you with the products you will be promoting. If you want to include CBD BioCare in the title, make sure you clearly represent yourself as an affiliate.  For example, you may name your page CBD BioCare by (your name). You can not pay for advertising to promote CBD on social media. Using CBD in your page title can also present issues. You may also want to name your page something like, Wellness by (your name) or Plants as Medicine or something similar.  Begin by inviting people to your page and build an  audience. If they like you and trust you they will buy from you.

I do not want social media, how can I promote CBD without it?

If you do not want a social media presence you can promote face to face, via phone and email. Sales people have had great success for decades relying on personal relationships to build their book of business.You can rely on these same techniques to find success.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Meet face to face and tell people what you do and why. Start with your warm market. Share your passion, it is contagious.
  • Host meetings to educate about CBD. This can be an informative session where you answer questions about CBD. You can offer product on the spot or explain how people can buy through your link.
  • Visit retail locations to promote wholesale.
  • Distribute brochures or flyers to create conversations.

There is no wrong answer, the idea is to share CBD with as many people as you can. Promote our Free CBD program and reviews so people can learn how CBD can help them.