CBD for chronic inflammatory disease?

CBD is great for helping to reduce inflammation!

CBD is great for helping to reduce inflammation! In fact, it is one of the top reasons people use CBD.

How much CBD should I take for inflammation?

I wish this was an easy answer. This will depend on your lifestyle, medications, supplements, and disease progression. For most the standard dosage range of 10-100 mg will work. For a daily maintenance serving 5-40 mg daily should do the trick. Remember as always start small and increase until you find your CBD “sweet spot”.

If you suffer from CID chances are you have one or more “symptoms” or “diseases” listed above. CBD has the ability to affect a host of systems in the body, including but not limited to, insomnia, depression, anxiety, pain, blood pressure, blood sugar, and the list goes on. Be sure to monitor how you feel daily for each “symptom”, don’t be afraid to keep a journal.

Disclaimer: Although I recommend between 10-100mgs daily, many people find relief with the 3500mg concentration. Remember at higher dosages always consult with your physician, especially if your medications require monthly blood work.