Can I use CBD for my pets?

Yes! You can use CBD for your animals as a natural alternative to synthetic medications. Here are the best practices, benefits, dosage, and more.

Common questions:

  • Can I give CBD to my dog?
  • Can I give CBD to my cat?
  • Can I give CBD to my pet?

Yes! Now more than ever pet owners are looking for natural alternatives for their pets instead of standard synthetic medications. Veterinarians are seeing the results and we believe it will change how certain conditions such as anxiety, stress, tremors and seizures are treated. Just like humans, any pet with a backbone has an endocannabinoid system. That means our full spectrum oil is recognized by this system and that is why it is so effective. Pets respond very well to CBD products, in fact, we have learned that pets normally need less than humans. So the suggested serving size is less than what it is for humans. Learn more.