Can I make a commission on my own purchase?

As a sales rep you can become your own customer but you must first read this to avoid giving your commission away.

Can I make a commission on my purchases?

As a sales representative with CBD BioCare one of the benefits is the ability to make a commission on your own purchases. If you are at a 20% commission rate, you are essentially getting 20% off each purchase.

But in order to become your own customer you must follow your link and use your coupon code if you have one.

Note: If you use another rep's coupon code the commission will be paid to that rep.

Does the sales rep I purchased from still benefit?

Yes, if you have been buying from a sales rep and then you became a sales rep they will continue to receive a commission when you purchase unless you follow your own affiliate link to buy. You must follow your link and use your coupon code (if you have one) to be tracked to the sale. Our system will then recognize you as a sales rep and apply the commission to your account. This is the only way to break the lifetime referral relationship with the sales rep who introduced you to CBD BioCare. That sales rep is called your parent rep.

If I follow my affiliate link will my parent rep still benefit?

Yes, your parent rep is responsible for sharing CBD BioCare with you, so they will make a 10% referral fee every time you buy.