Can CBD help with RA / Rheumatoid arthritis?


CBD is helping people with a number of autoimmune diseases such as the one you are asking about.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory and unlike the harsh immunosuppressive drugs (which shut down the immune system) CBD alters how the immune system works. If a person has an overactive immune system it appears to slow it down, if a person has an underactive immune system CBD appears to turn on that individual’s immune system. In our immune system there is an abundance of CB2 receptors. In some pre-clinical trials, activation of the CB2 receptors slows down the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals while increasing anti-inflammatory markers. This means that CBD may be able to blunt autoimmune activity.

Even more exciting is that CBD does not appear to fully “turn off” the immune system response (unlike some immunosuppressive therapy), it simply “quiets down” an overactive immune system. For most, less inflammation also means less pain. 

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