Can CBD help me quit smoking?

CBD has been shown to reduce cue-induced cravings.

CBD has been shown to reduce cue-induced cravings:

An example would be craving a cigarette every time one has a cup of coffee. The cue that triggered the craving was the coffee. CBD modifies our memories and our response to those memories. Various animal studies have also shown that CBD has helped to lessen withdraw symptoms and decrease stress vulnerability.

According to one study, twenty-four smokers were given a placebo or an inhaler with CBD. The twenty-four people were split into two groups of twelve. One group received CBD; one group received a placebo inhaler. The study was carried out over seven days.

The study subjects were encouraged to use the inhaler each time they wanted a cigarette. Those receiving placebo did not change the number of cigarettes they smoked that week. In contrast, those treated with the CBD significantly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked in a day by 40%.

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