Meet your CBD BioCare Sales Rep Liaison

Group 11

Hi, my name is Jill and my job is to help you when you need it. As your CBD BioCare liaison, I’m here to answer your questions, point you to the marketing and reporting tools on your dashboard and help guide you along as needed. 

First, if you have not already chosen a registration package please re-consider. We know successful representatives set themselves up for business from the beginning. Some of these benefits include a customized landing page, customer discount coupon code and drastically discounted products. Read more about the benefits by clicking here.

If you would prefer to choose your own items to help get you started, please visit your sales rep store on your dashboard. In the store you will find additional discounted sample kits and â la carte items such as:

We hope you take advantage of everything we offer to help you find success. If you have any questions, please contact me at and I will be happy to help. I look forward to speaking with you soon, and again, welcome to CBD BioCare.