How to create a deep link?

Send customers directly to a product or page by creating a deep link.

What is a deep link?

A deep link is used when you want to send a potential customer directly to a page or product within the CBD BioCare website. This funnels customers directly to what you are advertising or promoting as opposed to just sending them to the website. It is used most often when you want to drive customers to an item on sale.

Watch this video or follow the steps below:


1-Login to your dashboard.

2-On the menu you will see Deeplink generator, select it.

3-You should now see this:

4-Select Refer a sale for the campaign and none as the channel. Then highlight and select the link as seen at the top of the screen that looks like this:


5- Paste the link into the destination url field seen in red and then hit generate code.

6- The code that appears in the box is your deep link that you can now share and when someone follows it and buys, you will receive credit.

Note: You also have your general affiliate code that you can always share and that is located at the top of your dashboard in blue.

If you have a landing page you can also share your landing page url seen here.



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